Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vintage Sniper Match upcoming....

Seven Wild Swans just off the pier, feeding.

Across the bay.
Marina sign at the end of the pier.  Hundreds of boats tied up.

  Rare morning off.  Got up and wandered down to the docks to see the bay.  Seven wild Swans were feeding just off the end of the pier.  Looked like three adults and four youngsters, though the youngsters were pretty big.  Don't get to see a lot of Swans in East Texas.

  Vintage rifle this afternoon.  Karl Schultz and I are shooting.  Going to be interesting.  We are firing justin Burn's rifle that he built for this match....about the time he got transferred to London.  At least his rifle made the match, huh?

  Haven't shot one photo with anything but my phone.  I can't seem to get the zoom working since Katie updated it.  Probably just cause trouble.  Might take a real camera to the Vintage Sniper.

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Old NFO said...

Shoot em good Robert! :-)