Thursday, August 2, 2012

Team Day

The Silver Team was just on the other side of the center tower from the Gold Team.  I didn't bother them much, having my own cats to herd.  The Silver team was a pretty good bunch.  We'd gone for youth and getting the experience rather thatn using Greg Foster, Tony Miller and Bill Aten and going for score.  The Silver team shot out-of-competition, so we wouldn't burn any shooters that can be used as a new guy on the Gold Team in future years.

  That said, they were a pretty good bunch.  We had the most and best administrators ever.  Usually the Silver Team coaches itself, provides a scorer next door and uses a team member as Captain.  We had all that covered.  David Keys ran the shop.  I called the wind and handled the coaching on the line and Rol Coggins helped out everywhere else.  

  The team shot well, especially Greg Troxell who started off with a 99 standing at 200 in the dark.  Sitting we were OK on, though we let some points get away.  300 was a little worse and at 600 we struggled.  We were 5th out of 26 teams in the out-of-comp.  2751X39.

Results: HERE

Tower get ready to go as the sun comes up during Team Bullseye day.  Viale range, Camp Perry.

TSRA Silver Team.  Top: Rol Coggins, Izzy, David Keys, Gregg Troxell, me.
Bottom: Jason Michelli, Karl Schultz, Wes Van Bramer.

Izzy during prep period at 200 Rapid fire.

Karl Schultz at 300 yard line.

Izzy at 300 Viale Range.

Team Captain David Keys.  Great guy to have along.  David handled all the stuff behind the scope, I called the wind and tried to keep the horses calm.

Rol pitches in and helps run the line.

David and I after we wrapped up firing.

Silver Team on Viale range after firing Team Match.

Clay Hefner for an extra few poses.

TSRA Team, all of us, Gold and Silver.

More Hefner.

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