Monday, August 6, 2012

There and back again.

  Now I've eaten mexican food and slept a night in my own bed.  It's a wonderful thing to be home.  We packed the King Air like it was an American Tourister and got in the air between bands of thunderstorms.    Scott the pilot put us up on top and we sailed home without a bobble.  I sat in front all the way picking my way through the instruments until I found a few to watch and googling at the view.  Cloudy all the way though I did see the Mississippi below after an hour and a half.  Technology is an absolute miracle.  Fairly mind-bending to travel that route with such ease and speed.  We had a little headwind at first and were only moving along at 215.  At the end we were near 325.  The Mars lander got on the red planet last night.  I believe it, just based on what humans can do with the private technology available.


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