Monday, January 3, 2011

New guy on the blogroll.

Popgun. Right next door. Go give him a look. He actually took the time to contact a raving anti-gun lunatic.....and take him to the range. Sounds like he even managed to get him turned around.

Another example of how GOOD people are, in general. If people were basically evil, divorce attorneys would be shot dead by the long ton, government folks wouldn't make it from the office to the car and pro-civil-rights folks would never bother to fool with anti-gun idiots who foam at the mouth. But that doesn't happen, does it? Instead, most folks are very, very good.
You see the elites and the government folks layering up on useless security and treating the general public like they are rabid, cannibalistic hobos. They KNOW what they do and what they deserve. Even traffic cops fingerprint your tail-light and walk up with one hand on their pistol and the other on the radio for back-up. They KNOW a 450.00 fine in a kangaroo court is outrageous and are waiting for the public to explode. Interesting times. Those security defenses rarely get tested because of how GOOD the general public is and how much they mostly just want to be left alone.
Thank God for the good folks. Go take a look at Popgun!

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