Monday, January 3, 2011

Clarksville Follies

Wearing nitrile gloves. Plenty of deerticks still in the hide though you could tell they are slowing down. Probably none in two weeks as the current crop dies with no replacement. Freezing temps will finally shut them down. About 40 in the shade. Takes about 45 minutes to dress, skin and quarter a deer, pull the jawbone and rinse off the slab. Except for being shot dead the does are in great shape.

Top: Very old Westcut K5.
WWII Western Shark Knife.
WWII Theatre-made file-blade knife with Japanese aircraft plex handle.
Nepalese Armory 160-year old patch knife.
Modern Buck.

Packed up the deer-murdering Dr. Sneed and headed out to shoot more doetags. We were out Saturday evening with only Cardinals and a hawk to watch. Our host joined us and Sunday morning the Good Doctor Cooperized a nice doe on one stand while I placked away at an unfortunate coyote on another. I'm sure I had one hit, maybe two on Wiley while I saw the middle round miss. The fourth round stovepiped shutting the gun down and he limped off. I could have fired three more aimed rounds. Still got AR carbine problems. BSA dot sight. Need a little four-power scope of some sort with a real crosshair.
Cut up the doe with a series of vintage knives. Sneed had put a fresh edge on all of them and I dulled several. Soft steel. He resharpened them again using a Rube Goldberg contraption that keeps a consistent angle. Seems to me that the more you use it the better edge it gives.
Perfect cold weather for processing deer. Glad to have the venison. More doetags to go!

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