Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Dogging.

This week is Lucie's first birthday. In dog years that's seven or eight, except that we pamper her so it's more like for or five. She sleeps with us, for goodness sake. That gotta retard the aging process.

On the other hand it's obvious that she is really at a smart, physically fit, learning peak. She knows many faces and words. When the mailman walks by Katie's studio Lucie hits the door to go out and beg a dog bisquit off him. If she sees the mail truck she heads that way because she knows those guys have dog treats. She knows the way to the studio and around the neighborhood.

She can find the deercams without me.

Just filled up, (2.92) at the grocery store. I have to clean dog snot off the inside of the truck windows every fill-up, plus a few extras. They make barkless dogs and hairless dogs but not snotless dogs.

She's fun to have around. Worked herself right into the system around here.


Alan said...

That is one terminally cute dog there.

Old NFO said...

And she DOES help y'all decompress :-)

phlegmfatale said...

Happy belated birthday to lovely little Lucie. There's nothing quite like a good little Jack Russell Terrier. :)