Thursday, December 20, 2012

Deer Jousting, Buck packing...

Both cams had two bucks together.  The little bucks are hanging out but the bigger bucks ought to be split up for the rut.  Since they weren't, it's probably over.  Sat in the tree this afternoon in a stiff North wind.  Rare for us to get this direction but it's fine to hunt in.  Nothing doing except the Pileated woodpeckers and some little stuff rustling in the leaves.  Dead cam- probably batteries.

The medium buck just behind the house.  Next year, but really two more years.  He will be as wary as bigfoot by then.  He's having a nice healthy young adulthood.
Same guy at the other cam.

Little bucks do a little clacking.

I don't know if they have scratched each other up or is a bigger buck has raked them.

The Three Graces AM.

And PM.  They like corn.  I sat hoping to see them this afternoon.

Dominant buck of the area and a follower.  Probably much bigger ones around but they are too canny for cameras.

One frame earlier look.


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