Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deer and Raccoons....and corn.

Went to re-corn the cams, battery-up and swap cards.  Sat in the tree between rain until it got dark.  Right at dusk one healthy-looking raccoon came through the brush and down a little rivlet.  I thought he would make a beeline for the corn, but maybe coons don't beeline.

  Deer and raccoons barely tolerate each other at corn piles.  The coons must snarl a bit and the deer try to back them offf.

Surrounded.  When I see five coons on a corn pile, it's time to break out the hav-a-hart trap and start shooting them in the head.

When you get the head tilt....time to leave.

Backing them up.

Even the little ones get into it. 

The head-tilt.  Next, you get to fly!

Getting serious.  The does give them a foot-chop.

On the other hand, very few folks have problems with the rabbits.

Very few.
This is officially too many coons.


Old NFO said...

LOL, yep given the chance the coons will take over!

Anonymous said...

Time to start the coon war !!!!