Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TSRA Team Practice at Bayou Rifles.

Well-attended and productive practice at Bayou.  Lots of good shooting.

Group heads for the 200 yard line to start the Sunday match.

Ken Gaby.

Randy with range and club record certificates.

Clay in a moment of deep thought.

Keith Stephens on his way to a 192.

Offhand stances.

Gaby shooting offhand.

Jason shooting offhand.

Hefner left and Gaby right.


Anonymous said...


I was looking at the photos of the match and became curious about why no one is using the sling, even in the hasty configuration. Is that not allowed by the rules? I've never competed in this sort of match, don't know the rules, but shooting off the sling should give better results than purely off-hand?

Old NFO said...

A good offhand is NOT a comfortable position... sigh

Anonymous said...

CMP rules (not sure if that's what these folks are using, though) state that a sling cannot be used for standing. I suppose the reasoning goes that in combat, if you had time to get into a sling, you'd get into a more stable position.

I'm an Appleseeder too, and I was surprised by the rule when I shot my first CMP match a couple weeks ago.


Theresa said...

Looking good over there. I wonder if you’ll like seeing our practice with Hunting Crossbows. Its a sight. Thanks for sharing all these. It is really much appreciated.