Friday, June 22, 2012

Mob? Who You calling a mob?

Villagers do it the old-fashioned way, avenge Buttercup and Floppy.

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Windy Wilson said...

1. "Kenya has been losing 100 lions a year for the last seven years, leaving the country with 2,000 of the big cats. Killing lions in Kenya is a crime, but Kenyans who lose livestock to lions frequently retaliate by killing lions."
Yup, saying, "nice lion, stop eating my goats" won't hack it.
Compared to the beasts the lions usually hunt, the goats must seem like crippled, fat, blind eland or something.
2 "It takes a village" to keep a village safe, but it does not take a government, which as above outlaws killing lions.
3. The quote from Ciderhouse Rules comes to mind. "Whoever wrote those rules never lived here."