Sunday, April 15, 2012

Texas State Rifle Association Highpower Rifle Championship

TSRA NM Team guy Keith Stephens won the match for the third time. He's closing in on David Tubb's number of wins.

The Fairchild babes. A trend is popular when it starts attracting good looking women, so there you go.

...and has rugged, handsome men: David Guthrey and his grandson.

Junior Team Winners. Clayton Rogers, Misty Skelton, Coach Chris Chesney on the end.

Overall class winners.

Misty Dawn in her camo walking cast and safety gear.

Bailey Fairchild gets her game-face on at 200 offhand.

Shawn Taylor with a Captain Morgan vibe going in his hat.

Randy Schiebel ponders the deeper meanings of deeper meanings during a parachuter cease fire at 300 yards.

Clay Hefner ponders a nap. (OK, MANY folks have emailed telling me this is NOT Clay Hefner, it's Gregg Foster. You know what? It doesn't matter........)

......Because THIS is Clay Hefner.

Paul Leberge waits for people to quit talking so he can tell another story.

Michelle Boyd keeps it real.

The line on Sunday before the rain.

Dave Wilson drives the bus.

Travis Rogers looks down AT the 200 yard line.

The whole Hogg: Six and a half feet of Mitchell Hogg firing offhand.

Nez Rongero firing his M1A.

All the Boys are scattered worldwide but Michelle Boyd was right on the 200 yard line.

At Camp Swift this weekend. Friday was 4-man team day. 50 shots each for an aggregate score. The championship began Saturday. It was for a two-day score over Saturday and Sunday. About 100 folks were shooting in four relays. The wind was up and standing scores at 200 plummeted. It came right up the range from the South. I think I shot 300 yards with no wind on the rifle in a gust. Only came off 600 with 1 1/2 minutes right wind. Sunday threatened 100% chance of rain by 11:00. Dave Wilson and Ken Gaby called the match on Sunday after everyone finished the 200 yard line and saved us and the targets a good soaking. The Sat-Sun total was 900 points. Keith Stephens won the Championship for the third time in the last four years. Congrats to Keith and thanks to everyone who worked and helped put on the match. Alan Wilson, Keith and Karl Schultz did a good job entering the results and posted them yardline by yardline.

Match Director Ken Gaby. A lot of work gets done just so shooters can show up and shoot.

Roger Lankford waits for a cease fire in a Paul Leberge story.

TSRA Highpower Director-to-be Rick Tanner.

The pits.

Close-up of the camo walking cast. We are in doubt.

Karl Schultz and Stan Jaroz.

Clay Hefner, Texan and competitor.

TSRA Director Karl Schultz.

Junior shooter.

They are never going to pry our rifles from our cold dead hands: Junior shooter waiting on 200 rapid fire.

Stan Jaroz and his M1A

Clayton Rogers, the Magnificent.

Appleseed Veteran Lauren Lecren.

Skelton shooting offhand....nearly barefoot.

Warren Vandiver up front and Clayton Rogers in the back.

Alan Wilson firing his match rifle offhand.

Overcoming your equipment.

David Keys plotting shots.

Karl Schultz on the line with Alan Wilson scoring.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time had by all!


Earl said...

"A trend is popular when it starts attracting good looking women, so there you go."

Civil society, if you can't have rules of competition and conduct, and bring along good looking men, you will not get sharpshooting lovely ladies to do more than make brownies, sandwiches and tea. Having been out shot by women since 1962, I think shooting is one place I like the ladies to frequent. Great pictures, of course, of the event and those participating.

Old NFO said...

Great pics, and it's great to see the number of junior shooters out there!