Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Moon and Venus.

I put my tripod in the side yard at dusk and used a Nikon 500mm reflex lens along with my 18-200 zoom.  This image is desaturated in iPhoto, enlarged a bit and the shadows opened up.  I kept the ISO down to 250 and wash shooting around 1/2 second.  The day lit side is blown out and stars are beginning to pop out.

  The 500 mirror lens was in a box of stuff I bought to resale on ebay.  It's kind of a specialty lens but I might keep it.  Pretty extreme and it does fit on the Nikon D300.  I'll probably never shoot a roll of film again with my 35 but I do keep some around, along with enough lenses to entertain myself.

  There were two bats chasing each other around the sky.  They crossed my field of view pretty often.   Glad to have them around- eat those bugs!

The Moon and Venus with the 200 zoom.

First shot of the evening, just warming up.

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