Sunday, January 8, 2012

Panola County Gun Club January 2011 Highpower Rifle Match.

Looking downrange across scenic Lake Sepaugh at the 500 yard line.

27 folks and a good mix of people young and old, experienced and beginner. Perfect weather for refining no-wind zeros. Hardly any drift at all and it never picked a direction. What mirage there was at 600 just flowed back and forth without much interest. The overcast light made for good vision, though it was the 50 round match we shoot this time of year instead of a longer 80 round. New berm wall and bench were installed plus the 500 yard berm has been extended across the range.

The new pit wall and berm.

Justin Utley won it with a 494X24. Half of his rounds went in the X ring. He fired his match rifle. Seemed to work pretty well. I shot a pedestrian 488X14 and was second so it wasn't close. Tommy Laing shot a 1903A3 30-06 with some reloads. It was an OK 1903 Springfield and fun to watch HIM shoot it. He's got a Louis Lamareux front thick front blade on it. Ron Leraas fired his Garand for the first time since the 60s. I hope they both got it out of their systems.

Dave Wilson called the match and Roger and Karl helped on the line. All in all a good start to the year. Panola hosts a mid-range match tomorrow.

Evan Hess and Justin Utley in the pits.

Robertson. Geneva brought the family dog, a fresh Chihuahua named Smokey who doubled his mileage walking back from 600 yards.

Match Director Dave Wilson giving the results.

The Hoggs.

The Former Marines are as cranky as ever, with good cause.

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Old NFO said...

Good start to the year, low winds always help ease the jitters... :-)