Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hawk-killed and eaten squirrel.

Inside-out squirrel.

This morning a hawk, probably a Red-tail adult, sat in the top of a Sweet Gum tree across the street. The yard and that particular tree was full of squirrels. He was craning his neck around watching. There were at least 10 fox squirrels in circulation. I think he waited until he saw a squirrel on the ground digging and preocuppied, then attacked from overhead.

This is all that remains. He turned the skin inside out and ate the squirrel. The bones coming out the legs are the HIP bones. (Notice the ball and joint sockets on the end.) The feet are inside. Same with the tail- we are looking at the stump of the tail sticking out. The whole squirrel tail is inside. Looks like he ate it all. Just the skin, tail and leg bones left.


Anonymous said...

Pretty slick job for somebody without thumbs.


JD said...

Waste not, want not.

Old NFO said...

Pretty fastidious hawk too!

Skip said...

They pretty good at what they do for a living.