Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chico the elephant dropped dead at the Tyler Zoo last week. He was a very young 46. I was surprised that he was the oldest and biggest bull elephant in the US. The zoo buried him yesterday on the zoo grounds. No ceremony. Very rare to have un-processed chunk of meat, (14,000 lbs), buried in a hole. They could have opened the carcass and left it for buzzards, causing a carrion-cravanza. Might have drawn wild hogs. Or they could have butchered him. Elephant burgers! Or they could have fed him to the lions.

But they buried him with no service. Something is going to eat him, but it's going to be slow. I would have put a carcass-cam on him and streamed live video from somewhere.


Alan said...

They really missed an opportunity. Elephant steaks and elephant burgers for zoo patrons. I'd buy a membership for that.

DaddyBear said...

That would beat dead cow cam for sure!

Never had pachyderm before. hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I would think tht a 46 year old animal would taste preety rough.