Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rick Crawford

With Justin Utley this year after Utley won the Crawford Trophy.

Watching the wind at the 1000 yard line on Viale during the year Evan Hess, Rick and I stayed from CMP week through Long Range.

Firing Long Range Championship at Camp Perry.

Golden Triangle Gun Club NRA regional in Beaumont.

Scoring Justin Utley during the President's 100 final top 20 shootoff last year.

Winning part of the Bayou Rifles NRA Regional.

Getting his game face on during the TSRA Highpower Championship at Swift last year.

Hugging Katye Foster after she and her dad legged out last year at the Panola NRA regional Match.

TSRA Convention in Mesquite this year with Manual Daniels and Steve.

On the computer in the back of his truck compiling stats during the TSRA Highpower Championship this year.

Giving Tommy Laing his Distinguished hatpin and decals after Tommy Legged out at Bayou Rifles in 2010. Many Distinguished Rifleman badges have Rick's fingerprints on them. Many.

Firing my K31 at the Vintage Rifle match last year at Camp Perry.

Suffering through a group photo before the awards ceremony last year at Camp Perry.

With Wallace McDaniel at Mon Ami during the Texas Dinner at Camp Perry.

Pair firing with Gregg Foster last year on team day at Camp Perry.

Fixing a room full of triggers at the Mar-Lu Cabins at Port Clinton during the CMP week.

Keeping Dick Curry in line during the Panola LEG match a few weeks ago.

Rick was very touched and pleased over the Crawford Trophy. Thank goodness we got this done for this good man.

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Robin said...

Wonderful tribute.