Friday, June 3, 2011

Crawford Visitation Tonight.

6:00 at Rader Funeral Home in downtown Kilgore. Called the florist this morning to order a spray from the Service Rifle Team, (144.00). First shop couldn't build it. They said they were nearly out of everything.

Spray will have "TSRA Service Rifle Team" on it. Also banners that say "Camp Perry, Camp Swift and Panola."

Wearing team shirt and Distinguished Badge. If you have ANY CMP medal, tonight and tomorrow at the funeral would be a good time to pin it on your shirt or coat pocket.

Update: Great crowd full of the best people. Crawford Trophy on the sign in table. Wonderful slide show of Rick from childhood, young man, young married man, dad, husband, grand-dad, along with many shooting photos. Quite a tribute. Got to talk with his sister and brother and others, see the grandkids and the rest.

Daunting to see Rick.

In a bit, he'll get Heaven straightened out. No more of this good dying young nonsense. The EVIL won't make puberty and the Good live until a hale and hearty 140.

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