Monday, May 16, 2011

Panola NRA Regional Weekend.

The200 yard line firing offhand.

Appleseed veteran Lauren shooting at 300 prone rapid.

TSRA Junior getting ready for 200 sitting rapid string.

One of the juniors shoot offhand at 200.

Jonathan Slaught fires up the 600 yard line in the early morning light. We shot 600 first so that it wouldn't be shot in the late afternoon glare.

You can't say enough about the time, work and effort the TSRA, Highpower and Club folks put in to host this great rifle match. This year, like every year, the range sold out, filling up the 64 open spots with some stand-bys. Friday Team Day was big and the Sunday LEG match had 60 folks shooting, 49 non-distinguished and gave five LEGS. Afterwards there was the biggest Bullseye Pistol LEG match held in the last 20 years in Texas with 38 folks shooting, ALL of them non-distinguished. We gave four legs. That's a HUGE Bullseye pistol match these days.

Perfect weather with a high in the 70s. Light to no wind. Overcast to cut the sun on Saturday. Wonderful weekend to shoot yourself silly.

Thanks to Match Director Rick Crawford, TSRA Directors Ken Gaby and Dick Curry, Ron Leraas for running the pits, Roy Plumlee and Gary Shannon who ran the pistol show, Dave Wilson on the line, the Sepaughs and everyone who pitched in and made it a smooth, seamless and professional event.


Anonymous said...

That's great. It's nice to know there are still civilian ranges that aren't spoiled by politics like most here in OR are.

Robert Langham said...

Good group of people. Texas has had it's share of fights over ranges as well. Currently hurting for access to high power like everywhere else.

WahooM1 said...

Sounded liek a great time. Wish I could have been there! I'd kinda like to try to get distinguished in pistol too!

Robert Langham said...

Fun weekend with a lot of great people.