Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dallas Pistol Club Regional EIC//LEG Match.

Scoring timed targets at the 25 yard line.

Pistol on the line between strings.

On the line, firing.

Shooting from the shade.

Chief Denson.

Gary scoring at 50.

More 50 yard scoring.

The walk-through on the 25 yard berm.

Shannon scoping his target.

Drove over in the AM for the Sunday, Mother's Day shooting of the Distinguished Pistol Match and NRA Distinguished revolver. Actually I had forgotten all about shooting revolvers and just took my 1911. I didn't shoot well nor badly but ended up having the top score in the LEG match with a 263X3. Good for another six points and making my total 20. I need 30 points for the badge so the suffering will continue. Just enough folks to give one LEG so the six points I got were all there were.

Like to be double distinguished, rifle and pistol. It's rare. I think it's much harder to get rifle Distinguished badge. I'm just a tourist with a pistol. Course of fire is 10 rounds in 10 minutes at 50 yards with a Service pistol. Two five-round strings in 20 seconds each at 25 yards and then two stings of five rounds each in 10 seconds at 25 yards. 30 rounds total. Nothing to it.

I borrowed a nice S&W K38 with a good grip and free ammunition for the NRA Distinguished Revolver Match. NRA Distinguished is not the same at all as the CMP Distinguished. The fellow I borrowed it from shoots right-handed but left-eyed and I ended up having to hold about a foot off the aiming black low and to 7:00. I made it go and shot a 250- second place to his 256. Nice shooting revolver, and old K38 with a six inch barrel. Fun to shoot.

I have a Diamondback and a Python...both with 4 inch barrels. Wonder what it would cost to re-barrel one of them to six inches for Distinguish Revolver matches?

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Old NFO said...

Robert, there are Python barrels for sale on Gun Broker. They are a tad high, but that is your call.