Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow in Tyler.

Our fair city, which is positively agog with taxpayer money, is able to put on a snow day at the park just before Christmas. You guys up North suffering through the blizzard...I'm thinking of you!

They actually bring in machines to make enough fake snow to build a little snow mountain. Very cute.

They help pay for it with an appraisal district that has the morals of Blackbeard and a police dept that writes twice as many tickets to us citizens as any other city our size in Texas.

Enjoy the snow!


Groundhog said...

Wow, actually spent several years trying to move there. Glad I didn't if that's how they operate. Still, honeymooned there. Beautiful area.

USCitizen said...

Tyler was once a town I called home.

Tyler: Birthplace of Sandy Duncan and the Captain Spaceburger!

The Rose Capital of Texas.

My address used to be at:
411 Heritage Drive
Tyler, TX

Old NFO said...

Tyler has changed... no question... and apparently NOT for the better!

Paul said...

Happly I've not gotten a ticket from the TPD for years. I guess either I zig-zag right or something as the scooter cops sit right there on 110 coming into Tyler.

Twice as many tickets? Hmmm class action lawsuit smell there.