Monday, March 1, 2010

TSRA Gun Show: Swedish Mauser Carbine.

Best gun at the show for me: a Swedish Mauser Carbine, complete. They wanted 699.00 for it. Just being cute I guess, staying under 700. I have a heavy case of gun lust for that rifle but I didn't even bother to bargain.
TSRA Sportsman's Spectacular gunshow floats the boat for the whole conference. Nice place to have it at the Mesquite Rodeo Arena.


Anonymous said...

Wowza. Didnt we look at one of these a couple of years ago in the $300.00 price range and pass? Ooops!

Paul said...


Go to Eagle Pawn here in Tyler. He has a Swede and it ain't for $700.And it's in real good condition.