Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Possum poking around, but never for more than a moment.

Day shift. Basically, birds are eating this thing.


More of the same. Black Vultures early. Turkey Vultures mix in later. Possum at night. No Coyotes. No crows. Hawks have taken a day off. Colder temp shut the flies off like a switch. The vultures have exploited the early cuts I made in the hide and are reaching several inches inside for meat. Those naked skin heads are coming in handy. I sliced the hide open down the back. Was going to peel it back but the carcass started hissing- outgassing. I didn't want a whiff of that so I left.

Fresh deer tracks in the area. Immediate area around the dead cow stamped flat by buzzards.

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Old NFO said...

More and more interesting with what is NOT showing up...