Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday: weather coming.

Even reloads are getting dear, but I generated the brass with my Les Baer today. Not bad shooting at 25 and 50 yards. Ranier 230 FMJs over 4.5 Titegroup.
Seems to shoot the same group with any load of my 600 yard ammo. Shot some 69s offhand at 200 yards. Not friends yet.

Hard-working pistols out of the box for a bit.

Last day of good weather they say. They being they, I took them at they word and went to the range to shoot a little pistol and standing offhand with my match rifle. If this was the last good weather for a bit, it was certainly worth it. Kyle and I shot his Glock 21 at a full-sized silhouette at 100 yards last weekend. 6 of 7 on hits. This Les Baer would shoot a smallish group at 100, if you could hold it and watch the sights.


Anonymous said...

Tell us about the front sight on your ar flat top match rifle. Does it have a bubble on it so that you know when it is level ? If you change the cant angle between shots with those tall ar-15 sights you are going to be throwing shots all around. What kind of front sight is that? Manufacturer and millimeter of opening please.

Old NFO said...

Nice pieces :-) Don't care for Baers myself, but folks DO like em...

WV- rollum Yep, rollum up another target :-)