Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Antlers shedding.

Young Bucks.

Fresh empty sockets, right on time.

They will all be shed this week.

Wonder if he misses them?

Bigfoot panic.

Showing up with empty sockets. I need to get across the creek and really look hard. Been zigging and zagging on the cam runs. Going to start leafing out at the low levels soon. Right now, perfect conditions. Love to find a set of sheds, even from the little guys.
Great Blue Herons nesting up. Clacking bills and screetching at each other. Sound like dinosaurs. Pileated woodpeakers were visible today. Saw two pretty close. Crab Apples just poking up. I moved my second rock closer to the creek crossing.


Old NFO said...

Good pics and sheds are interesting finds... How goes the dead cow?

Len said...

"Sound like Dinosaurs."
How do you know what dinosaurs sounded like?
I know you're old, but I didn't know you are that old!
Where you there when they where in the woods? We need to see the pictures.