Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dead Cow Cam: Saturday & Sunday

Little possum for a little bit.

You can get a big crowd....

....then lose them all for hours when a hawk shows up.

Dining for one. He stayed a couple of hours, alone. I think these are two different Redtails. Might be a nesting pair taking turns.

One little possum at night. No coyotes. The bovine is being eaten by birds. Black Vultures early joined by Turkey Vultures later. Two hawks have started dropping in. When the hawks are on the carcass, everyone else is gone. Buteos and buzzards may share thermals but they don't eat together.
The birds have exploited the holes I cut. Should have cut more. Hide is now as tough and dry as an old rug. The carcass is rank with enough flies to be objectionable. Not holding my nose but I wouldn't want to linger close downwind.

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