Friday, March 26, 2010

Bayou Rifles NRA Regional Match

I'm in Pearland or Manvel or Alvin or somewhere in the trackless wastes South of Houston. It's flat and ugly. So flat it makes Smith County look like the Alps and so ugly that even the mesquite trees look ornamental. They do have a rather nice rifle range down here. Very well organized and called match. Team Blackfork was second by quite a bit. 65 points behind first place. 8 teams. Didn't shoot well as a team though I did get the Match Rifle rolling for a nice 488X16. Good coaching in tricky light switching winds from Rick Crawford at 600 yards. That was worth quite a bit. Crawford would call the wind correction and then call a favor as it shifted slightly: 9:00 X....9:00 X.....9:00 Ten. I couldn't shoot the favors much but shot a 198 out of 200. Best score in quite a while.
Tomorrow morning the NRA Regional 80 shot match kicks off. It will be a long day. Shooting the same rifle on the same range in about the same wind with more experience. Hope it shows.

Update: Like everywhere else in Texas, they have a big hog problem in the brush South of Houston.


Earl said...

Good coaching is like just a gentle nudge in the right direction, you still took the shot, the best form of guided missile. Good teamwork.

Anonymous said...

Rack em up and knock em down boy. Get some.


Old NFO said...

Good teamwork makes ALL the difference! Go get em!

STxRynn said...

I learned to shoot High Power at the Pearland Shooters Club right behind the TV tower just north of Alvin.

It only had 200 yds and we changed targets a few times in the course of fire. It's ugly, but functional.

Get out soon!!! Before the green stuff grows between your toes.