Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daily Deer Cam

Six deer in this file.

I think this is a little nubbin buck who has popped his nubbins. He's got his foot in the scrape.

Two does.

More does.

Six deer in this photo. Some of them might be last years yearling fawns.

Pumping a little old buck scent on the scrape.

Lost in the excitement over the DEAD COW CAM, I did a deercam sweep. My rechargeable lanterns batts had lost their zip so I replaced them today. (Academy, 8.99) Ought to run for a month now. One frame on the across the creek cam, then dead old battery. (What do you do with old batts again? mail them to Al Gore?) 500 files of crows, coons, squirrels and birds at the close cam. I moved it over to cover the brahma carcass. The last cam, a very new Moultrie, had just moved to cover a new scrape about 20 yards from the scrape in the cedars on the hill across the creek. It had 15 files of as many as four deer. I sprayed it, (the scrape, not the cam) down with buck scent.

Creek crossing going to be improved with the addition of a big rock. Walked the rock another 60 yards closer.

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