Sunday, February 28, 2010

TSRA Conference

The two officers who stopped the Fort Hood shooter. She's still on a cane. Pretty interesting to think: "I stopped a mass murderer with my little pistola."

2009 National Championship Service Rifle Team.

Katie and Katie looking over a dangerous black rifle.

Rick Perry and the executives.

In Mesquite for the weekend shooting myself sillier with digital and doing photo-work for the Texas State Rifle Association. Here's the Texas Governor who came by to shake hand, make a nice speech and be around people who love gun rights.

The two officers who stopped the Ft Hood shooter were awarded the TSRA Law Enforcement award. I didn't know they were there. It was a big deal. Very honored to have them in the building.


Earl said...

Very honored that they are in the country, need more of them. Nice pictures, especially the two Katies with an Earl approved AR magazine. I like those magazines smaller and out of the way.

Old NFO said...

Nice pics! You get a Governor, we get an obstructionist State Senator... sigh...