Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday: Add two.

Early Black Vulture shift. Someone roosted under someone else. Two off in the brush.

Vulture mix yesterday afternoon.

Scavenger action.

Possum just after dark.

Redtail Hawk.

12:30 to 3:04 all by himself. Either he scared the vultures away or they rotated to something else.

Black vultures first to arrive every morning. Every bird here must have been here before. This location must be programmed into the GPS of every buzzard in the area. The carcass maxes out at about 12...the same 12 or a rotation? Hard to tell.

No coyote. A possum comes by but just for a moment. The real surprise is a redtail hawk that appears at 12:30 and eats alone on the carcass alone for about three hours. He didn't leave or change eating points. Nothing on the cow between then and swapping cards at 5:30.


Old NFO said...

That's interesting... I would have thought Coyotes would have shown up by now.

Robert Langham said...

Just the one little female and she didn't visit today.

Anonymous said...

.... and this is why humans bury their dead.

Old NFO said...

Understood Robert, thanks.

STxRynn said...

I couldn't figure those buzzards, out and away from the carcass. Must be something that got pulled out and drug away? Very interesting. I never thought I was this macabre, but I'm learning something new.

Thanks for the insight. Another area of concern.... ;)

Robert Langham said...

Nothing loose from the dead cow. They just wander out there. In the open, I could understand. Into the brush....who knows?