Friday, March 19, 2010

Dead Cow Cam action.

Coyotes running in, Black Vultures getting ready to launch.

These guys weren't here 10 seconds later when the flash went off again. They must owe a photographer money or something.

I have a black target paster over the ready light, so in the daytime they don't see the cam at all. Pretty wolfy looking coyote. They usually just flash past the deercam and I get the butt of the last one. This is more coyote data than I have ever seen on my cams.
King of the world!

Everyone got the differences between Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures down? You're welcome.

Really working the (aged) beef loin on the back side.

After these shots I moved the cam again. They ate a whole beef loin all the way down the backbone today along where I had sliced the hide open. Other side still there. I figured it was the coyotes pigging...or dogging out, but looking at the files off the cam I think it was mostly the birds.
No hawk today at all. Go figure. Maybe he has fish on Fridays. No possum at night. Coyotes came in but left at the first cam flash.

Welcome to folks linked over from View From the Porch. You can't get good Dead Cow Cam action anywhere but here!

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Old NFO said...

Yep, that second coyote looks like a cross breed... I'm surprised they are that skittsh, especially with that much food...