Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I want what they have.

Yesterday I went to the Extreme Makeover House site to photograph for some clients who were donating time and work there. You park remotely and then they shuttle you over to the house. Before going, you have to sign in at the media tent. It's a release from liability if you get hurt and permission for Extreme Makeover to have you in any video or still footage. You have to sign your name, show an ID and verify address and phone number.

In front of me was a ten-man landscaping crew. All hispanic. Nobody had a Texas Drivers license or ID. Nobody knew their address. Nobody had a phone number. They put some Xs on the forms and away we all went on the shuttle to the site.

If it's just all BS....why bother ME with it?

Voting today in the Texas primaries. No ID to be shown, the Democrats trashed a whole sessions work to dump the voter ID bill last year.

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