Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coyote and Possum

Big male getting into a meal.

Beef loin. Aged.

Coyote shows up and he sits down.

Stays down. Playing dead I think.

I think the possum was playing dead until the coyote left. He was very active, (looks like a large male) then just laid down in a lump. Dark last night and I bet the coyote couldn't find him by easier things to eat.

Everywhere I sliced the hide with a knife, they have opened up and cleaned out. Hump still untouched. They are just peeling back the hide and getting to the lower loin along the backbone.

Carcass getting bleached out, frozen, rank. Pretty awful though still as long as you are upwind it's OK for the olfactory.

New and improved cam angle!

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