Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maximum Action on the Dead Cow Cam

Big resident Redtail.

Easier than catching mice.

Double possums.

Double Dogs.

Keeping an eye on the vultures.

Coyotes and Vultures not happy together.


Very wary.

Keeping eyes out.

Double possums at night and a pair of Coyotes in the daylight. A Hawk. The Vulture crew. Must have spooked the Coyotes when I came in to swap cam cards. Missed them by about two minutes.
I don't think the two Coyotes include the little female that came in the first couple of days. The possums seem to be regulars. The Hawks are residents. I sliced open the hide a little down the back. That's what the Coyote is working on the most.
As much as the Coyotes look up at the vultures, you would think they drop rocks on their heads.
Walked all over the bottom looking for sheds. One little non-moccasine snake in the creek and an old chewed up scapula.

Update: Welcome to Tamathiminia's intelligent and nuanced readers from the Porch! They will love this stinking carcass action for sure!

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SteveO said...

What a cool idea! When we had dead cows, I used to position them so I could sneak up and watch (or maybe shoot) whatever was eating the carcass, but this is much more innovative.