Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Shiprock and Bluff, Utah, repeat.

  If you are going to stay anywhere in SouthEast Utah, I strongly suggest Recapture Lodge in Bluff.  It was homey, reasonable, close to everything and full of interesting folks.  David Roberts and I were there the same time, though I didn't get to meet him.  Ellen Meloy, (Eating Stone), was a close friend of the owners.  Bluff is a very interesting little town.

Looking at a classic building on 287 between Quanah and Vernon.  Chillocothe. I think.

Got trucks racing by and it's destined to fall.  But quite a piece of architecture.

Out from Santa Rosa among the billboards.

I've got a little file of these negatives building up as I come and go through this area.

That's what THAT looked like.  Can shoot the Westbound in the morning and the Eastbound in the afternoon.  Wind the biggest problem.

At Shiprock just for an afternoon and an overnight.

Poking around looking.

Previewing on iPhone for a 600mm lens.


Dawn the next morning from parking spot at the start of the South Dike.  Usually not recommended as a campsite, though the climbers use it.  Often, you get poltergeists.

Sunrise.  I bet somewhere out in the desert there is a Summer Solstice marker.

Turns into this.

Turns into this.

Turns into this.  I burnt a couple pieces of 5X7.

A handsome Gopher Snake gliding by.

Then we kissed it goodbye and headed north to Bluff and Comb Ridge.


Old NFO said...

Beautiful pics as always! Thanks for sharing them Robert!

FishOrMan said...

Second that ^^^

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