Thursday, April 6, 2017

The road goes on forever.

  Shooting was curtailed for a couple of years as my beloved Katie worked her way through the process..  First I cut out Camp Perry trips, then I stayed home from multi-day regionals and championships.  Finally I stayed home through monthly matches.  Just couldn't bear to be more than 20 minutes away in case she needed something.  She needed lots, but there wasn't anything to be done.  Just couldn't get that cancer turned.

  While I was away there were major changes.  The team has been wildly successful.  Scoped Service Rifle was introduced and took over.  New faces, new rules, the NRA moved it's championship to Camp Atterbury, Indiana.  For one year, they say.  I missed the people and the shooting, though plenty of folks stayed in touch.

 First weekend in April monthly match at Panola County gun club.  Dan Pate getting set at 300 rapid.

  First relay in the pits.

  Power Rings available on the line.

  600 ammo lined up.

  Alan Wilson, another ex-pat, back on the line.

  Dan Pate at 600.  


B said...

we are glad to see you back

Cincinnatus said...

Your return is welcome.

FishOrMan said...

Even when it's not the race we might want, we still must run a good race. Well done, sir. Looking forward to hearing or seeing more from whatever is in store for ya!

Jason H.