Friday, March 13, 2015

Wallace testifies.

Yesterday was kinda a fun day for me @ work....
Instead of analyzin' fingerprints, processing evidence, digging up dead bodies, etc. I got to do "gun stuff"!!!
Secretary had a long list of stolen guns she needed help with before entering into computer (brands, models, calibres, all stuff she wasn't confident in)...I came to the rescue...hahaha!
Detective had a recovered projectile from a woman's chest he needed info on....right down my alley!!!
Also had to look @ recovered live rounds and render my opinion if they were same as bullet dug out of woman (they were. 158gr Federal RN Lead fired from .357 Mag revolver)
He wanted me to type up a report of my findings/observations and explain .38 Special can be fired from .357 Mag revolvers....right up my alley even more!!!
Finally, DA from courthouse had an urgent request I come post-haste to examine a revolver to see if it was capable of firing. Apparently the defense attorney was claiming the revolver was incapable of firing.
During a recess, I examined the H&R "Victor" ( or, Victory) model chambered to .32 S&W. Although it was a hunk-o-junk, it was fully functional. Rotated cylinder into alignment w/barrel, indexed properly, mainspring had plenty of strength to power the hammer forward, hammer mounted firing pin protruded sufficiently to contact primer, etc.
Prosecuting attorney instructed me to stand by as I would be put on the stand to explain all this to jury.
I did testify as an expert a kick out of being asked "Officer, just how long have you had exposure and working knowledge of firearms?" ...I answered, "Oh, about 50 years!"
I was in my element....explained and demonstrated how a revolver works and what makes a self-contained cartridge go bang.
Jury was all ears. DA investigator gave me the thumbs up after testimony saying that was exactly what they needed and my testimony was professional but presented in layman's terms for the benefit of the jury. I think it disarmed the defense attorney....his only rebuttal was "so officer, without actually firing the gun, you cant 100% say this gun would fire?" ...I had to answer "that's correct but, mechanically, there's no reason it wouldn't fire a live cartridge"...he passed the witness.  
Kinda fun getting to testify on something you are confident on besides it always being fingerprints and/or processing items of evidence. Don't mind that either but, gun related stuff is more fun!

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Old NFO said...

Nicely done! And hopefully a bad guy goes down because of it!