Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lt Governor Dan Patrick spits in the face of Texan gun owners.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick who runs the Senate as part of his duties has announced that contrary to everything he said on the campaign trail, he just doesn't think Open Carry is a good idea.  10 separate bills have been filed, but Dan says he isn't going to bring any of them to the floor of the Texas Senate for a vote.

Letter to his staff:

  Dear Ms Fleming:  There must be some strange satisfaction that comes from saying one thing on the campaign trail and then flipping 180 degrees and doing exactly the opposite once in office.  Do you think it's an environmental factor, like some kind of black mould in the A/C of the Capitol Rotunda or do you think its a genetic disposition in the DNA of those inclined to run for office?  Does Lt. Gov Patrick do this to his wife and family as well or is it just strangers who can be subjugated into "dumb Texan redneck voters" or whatever he calls us these days?  Is it some hidden secret like Obama's hate for Israel or similar to a deeply concealed yearning for the return of the KKK?  Does he lie to you and his staff often or just now and then? 

  Most of us dumb, redneck, gun-totin, Texans who voted for him would NEVER have the personal flaw needed to publicly stake our claim to one thing and then go ANYWHERE and do the exact opposite.  This is an amazing psychological flaw!

  Can't you staff folks get him some dogs to beat or a mule to whip instead of his fellow Texans?  Maybe he could burn a ramshackle old house to the ground and dance naked around the flames during the full moon to help him treat this condition. (iphone video, PLEASE). Is he a drunk or drug dependent?  Have you thought about testing for those factors?  Right now Hillary is absent taking the cure.  They could get treatment together and talk about flip-flopping, back-stabbing and idiot voters!  You ARE the staff.  We pay you.  You ARE supposed to help keep people like Dan away from steep drops, sharp edges and dangerous traffic.

  I've love your thoughts on this.  My wife and I voted for him and we talked him up among our friends.  Big mistake.  Boy do WE feel stupid this morning.

  Off to the doctor to have a look at this stabbing pain I seem to have developed just between my shoulder blade and spine.   Hope all is well with you and yours.  

Robert Langham III

Tyler, Texas.

  PS: If we have a big (Legal) armed rally asking for Dan's resignation in the rotunda, I'll look for you in the crowd.  I'll be the one carrying a sign that says: "No Peacemaker, no Justice!" on one side and "Dan Patrick hates....everybody, including his MOTHER!!!!" on the other.   My wife will have one that says: "Dan Patrick EATS GAY PUPPIES" and says the reverse will show a cartoon Dan Patrick as a fry cook flipping pancakes.  The San Jacinto folks have already promised that we can bring the Twin Sister replicas over and fire them a few times.....inside the rotunda.  Then we will hold hands and sing some songs.  About Dan.  He sucks.

PPS:  Designing some big round adhesive bumper stickers for cars or people that say: "Lt Gov Dan Patrick Stabbed me in the Back!"  They are VERY graphic and handsome.  Ought to go like, (pardon to fry cooks everywhere), hotcakes.  Can I put your office down for 5000?  People are going to want them.


Daddy Hawk said...

Dang. That's gonna sting. Only the highest caliber sarcasm can penetrate the thick his of political staffers.

Daddy Hawk said...

Hide not his...stupid auto correct.

TXFiftycal said...

Yah, and please notice that Patrick reversed himself less than 24 hours later. He now is BACK to "fighting for open carry". At least for RIGHT NOW!

Tim Seifert said...

So Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is a Harry Reid wannabe.

Old NFO said...

Damn... NOT good...