Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sept 11, tomorrow.

  Just saying...if there was ever a day that you might drop a Glock 19 and extra mags in your carry-all, or put an AR shorty with a fresh battery in the Aimpoint and a couple of handy 30 round mags in the back of the car under a blanket....

  This might be a good day to arrange that.

  Worst group ever has sworn to kill us in our homes.  Our fearless, (yet golfing) leader is going to tell them how the cow ate the cabbage, or what he thinks the par might be in the sand trap North of Baghdad this evening, they love attacking on anniversaries of their greatest triumph.

  You can't get in the party without a bottle.


Brigid said...

I go on call at midnight. I'm hoping it's quiet, REAL quiet.

ZerCool said...

Brigid, dear, did you REALLY just use the Q word? *sigh*

I get to sleep during the day, but I'll have some extra hardware readily accessible.

Paul said...

Put-put Obama will be the death of an awful lot of people, and I'm afraid to say many will NOT be ISIS.

Now can you really imagine the Arab leaders sticking their neck out for the likes of Obama? He as ran from all our commitments around the world so they rightly see that if things go bad, he will just withdraw the air support and leave them to be beheaded.

See countries like Saudi Arabia do worry cause they will be the FIRST to know if this 'air war' of Obama fails.

They are at the spear's tip while Obama plays golf in the greens.