Monday, June 2, 2014

Texas State Rifle Association Service Rifle Championship.

  The TSRA....the same folks who brought us all the CHL licenses and firearms laws we currently enjoy...ALSO conduct the state firearm championships in all disciplines.

  Three matches over three days.  Four-man teams on Friday.  The State Service Rifle Championship on Saturday.  A CMP/LEG Match on Sunday giving four LEGS.

  Thanks to the guys who made it all possible:  Ken Gaby, Rick Tanner, Paul Leberge and Charlie Wallis in the pits and Dave Wilson calling the line.  Keith Stephens crunched the numbers and handled the stats.

Team Day gets rolling.


Southside BBQ

Epic Beard Man.

View across the no-name creek.

Junior shooters.

Keith Stephens on Team day.

Kyle gets his game face on.

A confident Robert Davis with an epic beard.

Zeke Emezulu enjoying being the Most Interesting Man In the World.

Clayton Rogers making an appearance for his fans.

If Obama and I owned a rifle it would look like this: Skinny, black and made up of parts from unknown places.

David Keys driving the bus on team day.  His team won.

Justin Utley.

The swashbuckling John Ilzhoefer.

Ben Brooks played the Star Spangled Banner every morning for us.

Disitnguished Rifle, Lauren LeCren.

John Jababy.

Col Ron Leraas, Distinguished Rifle.

John Jababy sweating through his hat over a sitting rapid string.

Another boring photo of Lauren firing.

David Guthrie and grandson Jake.  

Samantha Holt.  Or maybe Madison Butler.  Teenage blondes with assault rifles all look the same after a while.

Ben Brooks during the LEG match.

Another weaponized blonde teenager.

Another child with an assault rifle.  Oh, the humanity!

The Governors 20.
Randy Schiebel pondering the Absolute.

Dan Ramsay at work.

Winning Junior Team.

State Champion Service Rifle Team.

Top Junior.
John Jababy

Lauren LeCren wins Top Woman.

Don Tryce, Top Senior.

Utley gets the Money.

Garand on the line.

 Justin Utley and the Rick Crawford Trophy for the 6th time.

Col Don Tryce and Keith Stephens enjoy the view.

Clayton Rogers, the most interesting man in the world.  Except for maybe Zeke.

The line.

Men with guns:  Ben Brooks.

Men With Guns: Tim Hesse.

Real Men with guns: Clay Hefner.

David Guthrie on his way to six LEG points.

If you want LEG points, it helps to wear camo or be blonde.

Dave Wilson, in control of the line and the Universe.


Old NFO said...

Nice pics! Glad it went off smoothly!

Earl said...

I love your pictures of the shoot, the competitors and fun. The comment about blondes with assault rifles is very true, but so glad they are there. Youth will inherit the marksmanship, slowly. Thanks for sharing.

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