Sunday, May 4, 2014

Panola Regional Weekend, 2014.

Team day on Friday The 80-shot Regional on Saturday and a rifle LEG Match and a Pistol LEG Match on Sunday.  David and Ken made the plan, did the paperwork and crunched the numbers.

John Ilzhoefer.

Lauren Lecren

Roger Lankford.

Emily Hogg.


First relay firing offhand in the Regional Match on Saturday.

Rol Coggins firing his bolt gun.




Randy, Highpower Rifle Champion and Distinguished Rifle.

Jerry Illiff.

Roger Lankford during the Regional Match.

Jerry Illiff and Emily Hogg.

Dan Pate firing during the Regional.

Tom Ayers.

David Keys.

Roger Lankford.

Darren Chapman.

Rol Coggins.

Dan Pate at 600.

Dave Wilson.

Ken Gaby, Phillis Wilson, Dave Wilson crunching the numbers.

Zeke and Jeff.

Winning four-man team.

First, Second, and Third Regional medalists.

Kyle firing in Pistol Leg.

Sjane Hefner.

Dan and Roger, the newest Distinguished Riflemen.

20 Distinguished Rifles in a row.

John Zubach.

Team Day.

Panola Pits during first relay of the Leg Match on Sunday.

John Ilzhoefer firing in the LEG match.

Clay Hefner and Clay Hefner.

Roger Lankford, Distinguished Rifleman.

Mitch Hogg getting points during the LEG Match.

Clay and Shane Hefner.

Ben Sepaugh.

Randy Schiebel.

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