Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chipping away at pigs.

The hard way.  I shot one of the piglets with my single shot deer Ruger, (the dumbest one, who stopped), and two more with a little 10/22 a few days later.  The bobcats have scored a few or the herd has split.  Seems like there were 11 to start, cut to nine, now three.

I'm shooting at them from the far side. I think there is at least one more off cam.

They are cute, but need to go.

At least two of these are gone.  Might have hit one more.  The big ones don't come up here any more, even at night it seems....except now and then...

One frame of three.  He came by but didn't stay.  He's not .22-proof.

B'rer Possum in the rain.

Some smart old does down in the bottom listening to something.

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