Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama decides to kill the CMP.

  Will this start a shooting war?  The fate of the 110 year old Civilian Marksmanship Program is on the line.  Could this be the end of the National Matches?  By an edict from President Obama?

  How fitting that a long American tradition and institution should die at the hands of such a president.  He promised to bring us "change".  This action is about like outlawing the NRA with a stroke of the pen.  It's a strike at the heart of a great American institution and the folks the President disdains.


MrSatyre said...

The irony of this administration is numbing. They claim "we're not going to take your guns!" but continuously lobby for and/or pass bills which do exactly that. They clamor about illegal guns, but themselves put them on the streets. We KNOW they don't care in the slightest about what the overwhelming majority wants: our civil liberties intact, and the most fundamental right of all predating ALL nations---the right to defend ourselves. If this administration has its way, there will soon be hundreds of millions of illegal weapons on the streets, not merely thousands, because we will not surrender them!

Anonymous said...

Do your research.

CMP and Executive Order UPDATE

As of 9/9/13

TSRA headquarters has been inundated with calls from concerned members. Below is the latest information researched and provided by High Power Rifle Director, Ken Gaby from Belton.

This information is minutes old and could be considered "from the horse's mouth".

Civilian Marksman Program status:

Information provided this morning by a CMP spokes-person:

"The latest Exec order, action, policy, or whatever it turns out to be has no impact on the CMP. From what we have read, the action applies to private importers. CMP has never imported a firearm and will never import a firearm. Any rifle we receive is transferred to us by the U.S. Army, who is not affected by the latest news. All of the rumors and reports were unfounded and were made without anyone verifying the accuracy of the reports with CMP. We will be sending a short and simple statement to all our constituents this week.

Thank you checking with us instead of just continuing to report our demise."

Anonymous said...

You arrogant attitude-spewing clowns at the CMP (especially the ones on the CMP forums) aren't fooling anyone this time. You really think you're going to get any more Garands from the "US Army"? Are you daft? That river dried up decades ago, there are no more Garands left in US military warehouses, clowns! Your only hope for a much needed restock was the importation of those M1's from Korea and the transfer of them to you by whatever means necessary. But, now you'll have nothing but a couple cosmoline encrusted misc parts sitting in dusty crates in the back room. Can't wait to see your ridiculous "new" Garand prices once the national price gouging finally comes to Garand Town. Add that to your already BS sign-yourself-onto-the-DHS-confiscation-list requirements to get an M1, and now nobody will be able to have one. Yes, yes, ship my beat-up $1700 used M1 to my FFL so the state can take it away when that day comes. Hip hip hooray!