Monday, July 29, 2013

TSRA Calendar: 2014.

K22 and K38 Smith & Wessons.

  Jackson and I shot the calendar today.  I worked at the studio and brought guns in from Coyote Sam's Bar and Grill.  Plus a few others.

  Long day shooting but was certainly easier in the studio than on location.  Mostly new backgrounds.  I think we shot 12 to go with the three or four I already had.  Did two backgrounds, a Shiprock chiseled stone from the ruin of a house and the star in a blue field off an old American Flag.  Ready to go in the morning.

Nikon 300 and RAW files.

Glad to have it done.  In the studio I could set up a couple of photos, shoot one, go to the next and come back and correct the previous before tearing it down.  Always nice to have a little time to reflect.

Ought to make a wonderful calendar for 2013 and be a valuable fundraiser for the TSRA.

Shot this with a couple of backgrounds.  Worked tabletops mostly but did go into horizontal for a few.

Softboxes.  Reflectors.  Tape and clamps.  Shot wide and telephoto.  I've got a bunch of old cameras in the studio currently so we worked a few of them into shots.

  Ebay-bound Canon rangefinder, my Sig 220, concertina gloves from the army, HXP 30-06 crate from the CMP.  

  Didn't have the Good Doctor Sneed this year due to scheduling, but I used his rifle rack several times.

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Old NFO said...

Robert, those are beautiful as always looking forward to the actual calendar (as always)!