Sunday, March 3, 2013

Daily Deercam.

Couple of nice little kitties.

Very impressive cat.

Pig on cam.  My wandering boar.  The bottom had forage signs from a large group that must be in the area.  Beaver dammed the creek inside the creek gorge in a couple of places.  Just like old times, only this time I'm going to let the other landowners handle it.  I've kept them out for about the last 30 years.

Big healthy doe running through the woods.  She must be the second in line and the first one tripped the cam.  Nice looking deer.
Firestone with a thumb-sized dimple for using drill to make fire.  With assorted flint chips.  No pottery anywhere that I saw.

Doesn't look like much but was one pig-dig out among many.  Lotta sign.  Rooting, digging.

Beaver dam down in the gorge.  I wondered why the water was still high at the crossing, then noticed a fresh-cut branch.

Lucy, hunting turtles.

Indian Ball.  I'm sure that in a lith society they were rockhounds par excellence.  Probably a pick up.  Iron geode.

Lu at Whataburger.

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