Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year starting at Panola.

James Pennington drove all the way down from the Wilds of Minnesota to shoot with us before he goes to the Marines.  That's going to be fun....for the Marines.

Mitchell Hogg shot a nice 5X clean at 200 yards while I was in the pits pulling his target.

Randy Robertson on the line with his Reble Rifle.

The shaven chin of Clay Hefner.

Dave Keys at 300.

Utley spent the day placking away with a .308 Garand.

My day went well.  600 was a 194X8 or so.  Won the match with match rifle.

Rick's scope.  I had to flip it over to right-handed from left-handed.

Zack shooting well.

Mitchell Hogg shooting Xs at 600.


Old NFO said...

Good shooting Robert! Congrats! And I'm betting I'll be seeing Mr. Pennington at Quantico before long... :-)

Wolley Segap said...

And did you regain custody of the Les Baer?

Robert Langham said...

Les Baer back home. James off to Marine Basic Training.