Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daily Deercam, in the Hunt.

  Up early and into my tree.  Gave it a good 3 minute rattle before I went up and 45 minutes later a very large sleek doe stepped into the open below me.
  All alone.  No yearling fawn along.  She had ditched...him, probably.  The does in our area have never been shot so many of them are as mature as does in the wild get.  She must have smelled me a bit.  I could see her tongue run over the whole end of her nose.  She took a step and chopped with her front foot, then took another step and chopped again.  So close I could hardly blink.  She was there several minutes before I dared reach for my iphone to take a photo.
  She stayed about 10 minutes, left, came back and circled around for another 10 minutes.  Gotta be in heat looking for the bucks that were fighting.

Little buck in the scrape.

Healthy doe.

I know this buck from the past few years.  He's really muscled up with a nice enough rack.  Not big enough for me, but a shooter.  Probably is 4 1/2 years old and weighs 160 on the hoof.  Glad he's getting some corn.  Probably fighting his way through the fall.

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