Monday, July 30, 2012

Presidents 100 Protest

Presidents 100 Trophy.  I'm sure Obama doesn't know anything about this.

The always slightly overdone Misty Dawn Skelton.

Targets and scorers getting ready for the shootoff.  The scores are posted on these target faces for the crowd.

Katye Foster and Coach Em Hogg.

Keith Justin Rol Karl.

And Dave.

Kyle Clay and Dave with Kyle's target.

  For some reason that's not clear to me, (and it may be as simple as not liking the shoot-off format), but the Army Team, (except for Sgt. Ty Cooper who shot a perfect 300 point score in a 300 point match),  refused to fire during the top-20 shootoff at the President's 100 this afternoon.  If it WAS a protest, I don't understand why Cooper fired, but nobody else.  One other person shot a 300 point scorecard, and he ended up winning the whole shebang when he outshot Cooper, and the Army Team lined up to congratulate him.

  The Marines looked pissed.  Of course they always look a little edgy, but they all fired in the shoot-off and looked unhappier than usual about it.

  I just simply don't understand what was going on.  Big crowd.  20 folks firing the shoot-off, but about 10 or 11 of them didn't fire at all.  


Earl said...

I would ask the team members why they weren't shooting, if they had qualified. They are also the type of people that would give up their opportunity for a last triumph by Sgt Ty Cooper, before he leaves the team, the Army or goes on to other military madness and adventure.

Old NFO said...

Concur with Earl- And yeah, something IS going on...

Anonymous said...

They were supposedly protesting the format of the match. They were really just mad that their teammate didn't win it outright, and didn't want to compete in the 20 round shootoff. The best man won that match. I think they should have been disqualified for their lack of sportsmanship.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the yearly protest, this year they wanted the two shooters who fired perfect 300's to go head to head and have the other 18 step aside. The first shots for some were deliberate 8's. There are some who also don't like the shoot-off format, I'm with them. Shoot the 30 and declare a winner.

Anonymous said...

What I was wondering about was how they ranked them. After the shoot-off they called everyone out by the numbers starting with number nineteen and counting down from there to the winner. Since 10 of them didnt fire what did they use to determine their ranking ????