Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shiprock Image Management.

18mm end-of-the-Nikon-zoom shot of Shiprock from the South East.  Pretty wide and looking up.  Hope to get an image into the 5X7 off an Super Angulon 90mm using a little bit of rise.  I was on the ground here.  I have the dike next to me, (15 feet elevation), and my Toyota, (12 or so).  Going to look at it after sundown when the light softens out.  

  This had a polarizer on it.  Probably around 9:30am.  Getting to where I don't mind a little uneven sky, if that's what the condition actually was.  Ought to be better late.  The sun will be far to the left.

  I put the 90mm on an 8X10.  I could see the image circle but looked like there was plenty of room. Tech sheet says a 215mm image circle.  Looked and measured bigger wide open at F8.  Moved the lens to the 5X7.  Looked like plenty of room and about an inch- (all the front board would shift), of rise and fall.  Bellows really nested up so the lens is right in the center and won't be moving much.

  So I get a little higher, improve the viewpoint, better light and manage the image with a little rising front on a nice 5X7 negative.  Ought to be a great image.  This viewpoint is rarely if ever seen.

  Black Giant right in the center.  It's actually a freestanding monolith that throws a pretty good shadow.  Probably strengthen it up with a little spotting.

Here's the whole thing at 18mm.  There's even more room than I thought.  Polarizer is edging the top right corner.

The Black Giant.  Great spot to get a couple of little waterfalls coming off the rock after a big downpour.

Here's the light I need.  Notice the shadow behind the spire of the Giant.  This was late evening after the sun was below the horizon.  I'll be at the tip of the volcanic dike seen working it's way to the bottom of the talus slope on the left side of Shiprock.

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Old NFO said...

Beautiful pic Sir!