Sunday, September 4, 2011

Berger Bullets.

One of the Team shooters at Camp Perry on the Six-Man team shot Berger 82s and used about a minute less windage than our standard Sierra 80 VLDs. I thought I would give them a try. He was shooting an older barrel,(3000+ rounds), and a reallyhot load of Varget. i ran them at my standard Sierra 80 grain load o Varget, 24.6. They shot the same zero as my Sierras, 1/4 minute less elevation. 193X5 at 600. No pressure signs so I am going to bump the load up a little to 25 grains. Could be that just the faster velocity is making the difference.

Shot a fairly pedestrian 772 in the 800 point match. Lousy rapids and a low X-count. Utley won with a 786. 30 folks shooting.

Em Hogg putting her coat on yesterday.

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