Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daily Deer Cam

Coyotes around as always.

I love these kind of photos. Little 1 1/2 year old buck, or part of him.

Doe standing where the coyote was. There wasn't a scrape to be seen but she knows where it's GOING to be...

Doe rubbing the overhanging licking branch. They are getting interested.

Nice little buck. Not shootable size but always glad to see the traffic. There isn't any discernable rub or scrape from this year but lots of traffic on cam.

Little spike. Good genes in this area so he will be better next year. Five different bucks on this cam.

Bigger buck. Might be the one that owned this scrape last year. Shootable.

Both cams up and running. Lots of prints but no rubs and no scrapes obvious. Nice to see little bucks around. I shot some engagement photos and was given a gift card to the local Academy. Going to add a cam to replace the one that drowned in the flood when the dam on the lake broke.

Deer cams, like anything in the private sector- computers, phones, lasic eye surgery, Toyotas, cameras, computers....getting better and better fast. Government stuff, like public schooling, bureacracies and law enforcement....failing. Why is this?


Earl said...

You didn't really need an answer on that did you? Thanks for the pictures

Old NFO said...

Good pics Robert and I agree with Earl...